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Science and Humanities Press announces the release of its latest book,

Ex Parte: Episodes of existential fiction

by author Sheli Ellsworth. Ex Parte is the author’s third book published by our BeachHouse Books imprint. The collection of short stories was released on August 22, 2016 and is currently available on Amazon in kindle (5.99) and paperback (14.95). ISBN: 9781596301061

Ex Parte is a 26 chapter, 163 page diverse collection that ushers the literary reader on a whirlwind of exploits. Written through the eyes of both the honorable and ignominious, Ellsworth explored the world with optimistic verism. Cover image by artist Marjorie Loori-Moore and chapter sketches by George Robertson.


Sheli Ellsworth holds a master’s degree in psychology used mainly to annoy family and friends. Her first book, The Psychoanalysis of Everyday Life: Sometimes I pee when I

laugh from BeachHouse Books (2012) is a hysterical and heartwarming observation of life. Sheli, an award winning short story writer, has had her writing published in many newspapers and magazines.

Her fiction appears the anthologies: Quintessence, Windows, Serendipity and Rememberances. She is a book critic for the Sacramento Book Review, San Francisco Book Review and the Portland Book Review. Her advice column, “Dear Miss Betty—advice for those who need to be slapped” has run in Spotlight on Recovery magazine and the Ventura Breeze. In August 2014, Sheli’s second book—Confessions of a pet au pair: The ABCs of pet ailments a creative nonfiction book written with co-author Bill Wafer, DVM was also

published by BeachHouse Books. In November 2014, she self-published an interactive children’s picture book, My Winter Holiday by Noah, with co-author Sheldon Brown and illustrator George Robertson. Sheli also illustrated and published the children’s book Henry the Helicopter written by her husband (Jester Press, 2015). She also published the children’s book, Ouch! The Story of a Boy, a Dog and Allergy Shots in May 2016.

Ex Parte: Episodes of Existential Fiction Paperback

Existential Fiction-Ex Parte-a new book from Sheli Ellsworth

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